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Hi and welcome to my site, The Scrappy Investor! I wanted to document my journey towards Financial Independence, to change my mindset from working for money to money working for me. My most valuable resource is time and I’ve been trading it for money for decades. Instead I want to build my financial knowledge to take on opportunities to build positive cash flow without it depending on me working for it. Having a Scrappy mindset keeps us flexible, to learn and take action on whatever opportunities presents itself. Waiting for the perfect investment opportunity is not feasible, instead learn to be Scrappy and position yourself financially to invest in any way you see fit and see what works. That is my goal as a Scrappy Investor, to assess what investments seem viable and then take action to try it out, failing fast in the process so I can learn from it and take advantage of the next opportunity. So welcome again and I hope you’ll come along with me and learn together to invest our time and resources for Financial Independence. Let’s get Scrappy!

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